Who we are

Every student at Emmanuel College is a member of the ECSS, regardless of your degree designation. The ECSS is the student-led community for Emmanuel College. We host events that are educational, community-building and/or spiritual.  Yet, who are the people you can turn to with questions, ideas or concerns? Read more to find out! Leave a message on our Contact us page.

Leadership 2016/17

Andrew Macpherson

Andrew Macpherson

Chair: Andrew Macpherson

Andrew was born into two very different cultures which has influenced his theology. He was born in Indore, India and raised in Woodstock, ON. His father was a minister in the United Church and his mother comes from a family that is Hindu and Christian. He has a passion for inter-faith liturgy and comparative theology.  He is enrolled in the M. Divinity, MPS Muslim Studies and Buddhist Studies Diploma Program at Emmanuel College.

Andrew is looking forward to serving as chair of ECSS and TST Roundtable.  His favourite snack is samosas and he likes jazz on the saxophone and piano.

Vice-Chair: Chris Ng


Chris Ing

Chris was an accountant-career public servant. She has also been a part-time Buddhist community organizer for many years. Recently, she took early retirement from her job and enrolled in the Master of Pastoral Studies: Buddhism program. She is now spending more time doing community work, and hopes to acquire new knowledge and skills from the MPS program to start to be involved in providing senior care services in the Buddhist community.

Treasurer: Carol Ann Chapman-Rogers


Emma Pipes

Secretary: Emma Pipes

Emma is in her final year as a student at Emmanuel.  She has been involved with the ECSS for her entire experience in seminary.  She currently lives and works on the campus so can be easily found if you need anything or just want a buddy to eat lunch with.  Egg salad and Tuna wraps at Ned’s are tasty.  Emma also does her best to keep people updated on events, posters and minutes, so feel free to send an email via contact us.

 ECSS Representative for Ecumenical Chaplaincy: Joy Cowan

Community Life: Roberta Howey and Joy Cowan

Roberta Howey is a third year M. Div student at Emmanuel, and has served on the ECSS since he started her studies. She is currently the Community Life Co-Chair along with Joy, and is more than happy to help plan events, keep the student lounge stocked, and make sure that everyone is able to be relaxed and have fun at Emmanuel. She can be found sipping tea in the student lounge this year and looks forward to seeing all of you around campus.

Joy in hat (1)

Joy Cowan

Joy Cowan is a second year M.Div student who is also a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. Joy is a Co-Chair of Community Life and is weirdly fond of Brussels sprouts. Please contact Joy if you are interested in helping with Cafe Noel, Emmanuel Annual and other fun community events!



Trudinna Ly

Anti- Oppression Co Chairs: Trudinna Ly and co-chair prorogued for Fall 2016Trudinna has an MA in Chinese Literature.  She is currently in the MPS-Buddhism program and is looking forward to serving the community in hospice care once she is graduated.  She stands for equality in ETO, that is, equality in expression, equality in treatment, equality in opportunity.   She has run three marathons, loves swimming, drinks her coffee black and absolutely adores chilli peppers.

Communications: Emma Pipes

Emma invites all visitors of the communications hubs to follow and keep track of the ECSS website, (emmanuelstudents.ca) Instagram page (#ecssuoft) and our public Facebook page (Emmanuel College Student Society)

Muslim Studies Rep: to be voted on in Fall 2016

Buddhist Studies Rep: Suzanne Robertson

Advanced Degree Rep, Ren Ito

Board of Regents: Roberta Howey

1st Year Rep 2016/17  Jess Swance

2nd Year Rep 2016/17 Brett Boyko

3rd Year Rep  2016/17 Carol Ann Chapman Rogers

Lay Certificate Rep:

M. Sacred Music Rep: (are you a music student who wants to be involved?)

Worship Rep: Joy Cowan