ECSS 2016 -2017

Folks we are still looking for a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year rep as well as a worship rep to be part of the exec team! If you are interested feel free to contact us here or on our Facebook page! All are welcome! Those we hear from first will likely be asked to take on the role for the school year, please consider your commitments and we hope you can join us!




Happy Summer Folks!

To all the graduates of Emmanuel from May 2016.  Congratulations, you have survived and you have achieved so much!  We wish you all the best as you move forward! We will all miss you. For the rest of you, here is a reminder of what you have to come back to in the fall. We are also looking forward to meeting any new students! #ecssuoft

Love the ECSSsummer-at-emmanuelsummer-at-emmanuel-o5q1tj

Updates for Fall 2015: First Year students!

Just for your information, students, the fall calendar is up for you on the Emmanuel Website.

Here is a link to the fall calendar: << Click here to go to the Fall 2015 course calendar!

Visit Emmanuel College website now to view rest of the courses and the Spring 2016 calendar

Also if you need to make sure that you are taking the right courses, take a look at your program by following this link. You can also print off or download the suggested pages from your browser and keep it on file. If you have any questions of what courses we liked as student body feel free  to send us a message on the contact us page!

Emmanuel College Updates 2016

First off! Here’s a link to “Tears for Fears Parody Video”!  Our students put together this hilarious re-make of the video which was originally filmed in Emmanuel.  Here it is! (Big thanks to all who were involved)
Second Announcement!
The 2016 Emmanuel College Student Society for next hear has been agreed on! we are still looking for people to join us! Please feel free to!

Emmanuel College Student Society 2015/2016 Council

Chair- Roberta Howey

Vice-Chair-Andrew Macpherson
Treasurer-Tom MacNeil
Secretary-Scott Beckett (temporary until filled in the fall)
Community Life-Deborah McGinnis
Anti-oppression-Scott Beckett and prorogued
Communications-Emma Pipes
Emmanuel Annual-Prorogued
Ecumenical Chaplaincy-George George
Board of Regents-David Hughes
1st Year Rep-Prorogued
2nd Year Rep-Prorogued
3rd Year Rep-Deb Fisher
Lay Certificate Rep-Marilyn Byers
Cousland Chair-Greg Daly
General Senate Rep-Greg Daly
M. Sacred Music Rep-Prorogued
Muslim Studies Rep-Andrew MacPherson and Esther Reiser
Buddhist Studies Rep-Andrew MacPherson and Chris Eng
Advanced Degree Rep-Ren Ito
Worship Rep-Prorogued

Emmanuel Annual Song Request

Hello Emmanuel!

The Emmanuel Annual is coming up on March 13th at 7pm.  Start thinking about which songs you would like to hear and we will try to compile playlists for the dance portion of the night! Click the link, think and submit!

Think of the songs you would like to dance to that represent you and that make you happy! Thanks!

-Your ECSS

Emmanuel Annual Song Request

  • Please include both the song title and the artist ie: Billie Jean by Michael Jackson